Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Explorer

Happy sunday, folks!
How are you?
Long time no see, sorry for my laziness.
So, now I'm in the middle of holiday. Keeping myself busy with answering interesting questions from everyone. (You can ask me too at
I'm planning to make a brand, with +Muhammad Harits we named it 
We've made three designs, and I'm in love with all of them.
If you want to see the designs, please kindly visit my instagram. Hope this project will be success. <3

Well, I dyed my hair black again.
And it makes me look different though. It's a funny thing seeing yourself completely different. I don't have colored hair anymore!
But I'm planning to dyed my hair again. Half colored, as usual. 

So, this is me, with a black hair (again)

 from top to toe (except shoes and hat): mom's :">
Ah, btw, I'm planning to posting new post every Sunday.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Half Flowers

Well, Hello!
Its a nice day isn't?
Today I'm all black-white exclude my purple/pink hair. I love my new hair color. It makes me pops up more than ever. One of my friend told me that I look like a Korean because my purple side. Another friend told me that I look like Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.
Well, what do you think?
I feel so majestic today I even do some eye makeup.
So, this is my look today. <3

turtle neck shirt: a present from my auntie
skirt: Marks & Spencer
socks: Daiso
shoes: Wondershoe
jacket: from thrift shop
bag: mom's
rabbit ring: Greedysassy

Well, I taking photos with my friends too!
So, they set a dress code for today and it was skirt! As for me, I usually wear skirt (almost everyday) because well, I like it.

such a badass duo

yea, whut?

me moi with my bitches (lol) (kidding, of course)

So, yeah, that's for today post. Will see you again in (maybe) a short time! 
Merci Beaucoup! ^^

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Deep Purple

No, it's not about the band. It's about my hair though.
Long time no see, people. I'm sorry for being such a lazy and bad blogger.
So yeah, I'll try my best to keep in touch with you, internet people. <3

t-shirt: mom's
that outer short pants thing: thrift shop
socks: Daiso
shoes: Cardinal
glasses: I... forgot :\


People hate me, people love me.
People only love the new me, the unused one. The tight one.
People hate the old me, the used one. The stretched one.

People hate me, people love me.
People only look for the new me, the unused one. The tight one.
People ignore the old me, the used one. The stretched one.

People hate me, people love me.
People only admire the new me, the unused one. The tight one.
People dissapointed at the old me, the used one. The stretched one.

People hate me, people love me.
People pay high for the new me, the unused one. The tight one.
People pay low for the old me, the used one. The stretched one.

People hate me, people love me.
People use me, people throw me.

People hate me, people love me.
The used one, the unused one.
The stretched one, the tight one.

People hate me, people love me.

(a nice poet[?] from @haritsroxas)
btw, credit of photos belongs to him too! thank you, dear! <3

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Little Garden

Well, Hi! It's nice being here again.
I'm sorry if I broke my promise about the next posting, but this laziness has taken me to a whole new level. Oh and also a lot of tasks waiting for me...... huhuhu.
Okay, for this week and last week review...
I already watching The Raid 2: Berandal and all I can say is HOLY MOTHAFUCKA! The film was super awesome! Make me squealing all the time! If you curious about it, please just shut up and watch it at 28 March. (it's like 9 days to go!)

Ah, btw do you guys remember the thing that I joined before? Yes! The one about Marina!
Well, I didn't reach the first place but I won the weekly prize! It's better than nothing, right? I got 500K gift voucher and a beauty package. It is really a good thing! <3

Well, now, let's move to the outfit post, yiss?

this is a candid photo, thank you.

sorry for the dirt on the shoes. ((sigh))

Fashionably Hungry Top: Ninotchka
Skirt: Thrift shop
Flower Outer: Thrift shop
Shoes: Adidas
Eye Ring: Numo Art
Photos by: +Muhammad Harits 
 ((Thank you!))

Well that's all!
merci beaucoup!
~ Restya Mahara ^^

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Winter Witch

Nice to see you guys again! Well, first of all I want to say thank you for everyone that gave me a lovely comments at my last post. Love you all, folks! :D
Well now, what to tell to you...
Ah, a month ago, I ordered a lovely shoes from Up Shoes. So, yesterday the shoes, her name is Ariana White was successfully arrived safely! I'm so in love with this shoes! It's comfortable, not hurting your feet, and of course made me looks taller ((this is the most lovely part)).
Thank you for this beauty lady here, Up Shoes! <3

Oh, and I felt a lot better now. But sometimes I still can't breath properly. ((huft)). Thank you for everyone that wish me to get well soon. 

By the way, this weekend I will go to the ARTE festival. It is in Jakarta which is I must go home to attend that event. ARTE split into four sections, they are art, music, culinary, and film! Do you know anything about The Raid? Well, the sequel, The Raid 2: Berandal will be the opening film of ARTE film festival! How great it is? ((let me squealing right now)) So, I will watch the movie with my fellow friends from MovieXplorers later. ((this is really make me feels excited))

Well, I think that's all for this weekend story. Have you plan anything yet for this weekend? Tell me about it at the comment section below! :)

me wearing Ariana White

isn't she gorgeous?

Hat: N.y. L.a
Lily shirt: thrift shop
Fury Sweater: Retail Therapy
Long skirt: Mom's
Bag: also Mom's
Shoes: Up Shoes
Eye Ring: Numo Art
Photos by: Muhammad Harits ((thank you! <3))

Well, see you around! Btw, tomorrow (maybe) I will bring you guys my next posting! Wait for it!

~ Restya Mahara