Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rainy Season is Here!

Happy (late) new year!
This is my first post in 2015 and I'm sooo excited!
Hope this year I'll be able to write more and more exciting stuff that's going on around me!
Well, in January till March is rainy season in here, my country (red: Indonesia).
Because there's only two season in here, but all of the shop also sell clothes for Fall season even Winter, it is a good time to wear it in here!
You still can look really good and stay gorgeous in this wet season while using clothes from Fall and/or Winter.

Here's a few tips from me to stay fab and ready to *snap* your ootd pictures while keeping your body warm and not wet because of the rain.

 1. Don't forget to bring your umbrella

Of course you won't happy if you get wet during rain. So, to prevent such thing happen, you must (I repeat, always) bring an umbrella. Even if it's not raining and the sun still shining, there's still a slight chance that rain will pouring and you will coming to party with a-not-cool-style.

2. Wearing boots, way to boost your coolness

You already bought a boots. But nowhere to go while wearing this cutie pie? During rainy season you can wear it in no time, almost everywhere! It will prevent your feet from get wet and will lead to stinky smell *yucks*. Just don't forget to wear socks so you will not get scraped.

3. Wearing sweater will make you stay warm

Fur, thick, or just a simple plain sweater, anything will help you in this rainy season! Sweater will keep you warm while doing outside activities and it is cool! You also can add a scarf or another outer, layered it more, it's up to you! Just make sure you're cozy enough while using the sweater and the other stuffs.

4. Don't forget to have fun!

Yes! This is a must!


Sweater: Intern Sweater from Gogirl!
Skirt: Marks & Spencer
Socks: Topshop
Navy Boots: Khakikakiku
Tote Bag: Stargazers
Umbrella: borrow it from Mr. photographer :p

Photo taken by +Muhammad Harits 

Well that's all!
See you next time!

~ Restya Mahara

Thursday, December 11, 2014


*this article below will be written in Bahasa Indonesia*
*Thank you!*

Kamu tidak salah baca kok!
ZALORA Indonesia, salah satu pusat belanja online terbesar ini
bakal menghadirkan 12.12 Online Fever di mana Zalora akan memberikan penawaran menarik secara online khusus untuk hari itu saja.
Yak, 12 Desember 2014!

Untuk merayakan euforia ini, Zalora Indonesia sudah memersiapkan penawaran-penawaran menarik, misalnya, buy 2 get 20% untuk produk-produk khusus dari label Zalora, lalu ada juga flats Vs wedges mulai dari 100K dan Big Bag Deals di mana bakal ada potongan harga sampai 84%!
Selain itu ada juga brand ternama seperti Vans dengan diskon 20% dan Nike dengan diskon 70%!

*menelan ludah*
*melirik dompet*
*bernapas lega*
Kenapa lega? 
Tentu saja karena senang isi dompet tidak akan berkurang terlalu banyak, sementara nantinya bisa dapat banyak barang bagus dari 12.12 Online Fever ini! <3

Acara ini merupakan hadiah akhir tahun dari Zalora untuk para fashion enthusiast seperti saya, kamu, kalian, semua para pelanggan setia Zalora yang berbahagia!
Kapan lagi kan, dari cyber event seperti ini, bisa belanja mudah, banyak diskon pula.
Tidak perlu capek-capek keluar rumah, cukup melalui gerakan jari pada mouse pad dan anteng di depan layar laptop, sudah bisa belanja banyak hal yang kita suka!

12.12 Online Fever ini akan dilangsungkan serentak di tujuh negara Zalora lainnya.
Ingat, waktunya terbatas loh ya. 
Mulai tanggal 12 Desember 2014, 
pukul 00.00 sampai 24.00
Sebentar lagi!

Ayo mari semuanya bersiap-siap!
untuk ke laman Zalora dan belanja sepuas hatimu!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Purple et Boyish

So... umm...
Where do I start, eh?
Ah, my hair now purple. 
At first I want white/gray hair color but I knew that it's really really hard to get that one color.
So, I decided to go purple and hope when it's fading it becomes gray. 
(( Y E A H ))
Oh and this Sunday I will go to Pasar Seni 2014!
Who's going there too?
Let's meet up!


Tank Top: H&M
Pants: unbranded
Outer: mapupam
Shoes: Khakikakiku
Wallet: Stradivarius
Choker: Shophella

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Craving for...

Yes, I'm craving for more and more rings!
I'm the person who adore rings more than anyone.
Actually, it's not just about ring, tho.
I love all accessories from ring to necklace, from earrings to headpiece, but I like ring the best!
I have some necklace but I rarely wear it because I'm allergic to it, especially the one that made with iron. 
It makes my neck itchy and leaves reddish scars.
I do love earrings too but I already got one (two actually) from my father and it will leaves reddish scars and make my ears itchy if I'm wearing the replica or another accessories that made from iron.
Gladly those earrings from my dad was made from actual gold so it doesn't make me allergic to it.
And then, I got no other choice than rings!
When I realize, I already collect some of rings from various shop. From online to the physical shop that I found at fashion bazaar.
Then I found couple of cute little things when I scrolled myself at Zalora's website!
Yes, the most coolest place to find yourself a perfect fashion items!
Zalora indeed sell many fashion items, various from tops to dress, from pants to shoes, even accessories especially rings!
Find all of the cutest accessories ever at Zalora.
If you're not into rings like me, you can always find another cute thing such as watch, bracelets, earrings, necklace,belt, scarf & shawl and even hats!
Click Zalora now and happy shopping!

P.S. Let me know what are you 'craving now' at the comment section below!
Have a nice day, folks!

~ Restya Mahara

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ethnical Harmony

Lately, I've been the laziest person on earth even Patrick the Star can't beat me.
I've skipping classes for couple of days, not working my tasks, and not attend my German class.
I sucks at doing some routine.
I feel like I need to escape this routine for a moment and just have fun a little while.
It's not so good if we forced something that we don't like, and I think I don't really like my routine. 
*I hope just for a moment*
Anyway, I went to Bandung this afternoon and suddenly it rains.
Yeah, sucks.
But luckily the rain stops when we (me and haritsroxas) arrived at Bandung.
Aaaaand I decided to take a bunch of photos there!
He bought me Pretzel and I've never eat any pretzel before and it turned out really great that I'm really craving for pretzel this moment. Yes.
*I almost bought treats for dogs tho because I didn't read the sign correctly* 
Well then we're just spending our time there and got home at 10pm.
It's indeed a good day for me.

Tanktop: H&M
Tenun ikat Outer: mom's
Short: unbranded
Socks: Daiso
Shoes: wondershoe
Hat: N.y.L.a
Bag: unbranded

Well then, 
Have a good day too!

~ Restya Mahara